Kujawsko-Pomorska Federacja Organizacji Pozarządowych (The Kuyavian-Pomeranian Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations) is a membership organization that brings together over 30 associations and foundations from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region. Since our foundation in 2010, we have been gradually building the potential of the federation, ensuring that our subsequent initiatives and undertakings are, on the one hand, based on the experience we have already gained, and at the same time, significantly develop our activity.

We are recognized in the non-governmental sector for our activities supporting the development of the third sector in the region, including the implementation of four editions of the "Proven Organization" certificate (awards for professional NGOs that do not lose their social spirit), and our training courses, meetings and conferences. Thanks to our involvement in cross-sectoral bodies, we are also a recognizable partner for public administration (regional, district and municipal).

Our important skill and valuable resource is working using the working group method, i.e. in the form of thematic teams dealing with specific issues and challenges raised by the federation. This method effectively involves member organizations in building a network. We operate on the basis of jointly planned solutions, devoting a lot of attention to cooperation in the preparation of initiatives - the vast majority of projects undertaken by the federation are of a partnership nature. Based on the resources of our member organizations, we have expert knowledge and access to expert staff, and people involved in the development of the federation have been active in the non-governmental sector for many years.

We obtain funds from donors and membership fees, and we are currently carrying out several projects. Projects funded by us are addressed to our member organizations and the third sector. These include meetings, mutual promotion, exchanging experiences, active participation in the federation's expert team, participation in social consultations, speaking on matters important for the civic sector, and monitoring the cooperation of local governments with NGOs, etc. The externally funded initiatives are aimed at developing consultation processes, civic participation, and volunteering. We provide local governments with grants for conducting social consultations in the field of spatial planning. We build expert resources for the non-governmental sector in the region through running the Law-Making School and meeting in the Good Law Forum formula.

Over the next few years, we, together with our member organizations, will be developing the strategic plans that define our interests, aspirations, and goals. These will be an excellent basis for the preparation of further projects for member organizations and the civic sector. Our main plans for 2021 include the launch of fundraising campaign “The Copernican Fund” and international cooperation with social organizations around the world, especially in Europe.